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 Journal Submission Guidelines

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If you would like to submit to Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture (1900 to present), send an explanatory email that includes your institutional affiliation to and attach the essay you would like to be considered to that email. Please make sure your article conforms to the following restrictions:

1) Articles must follow MLA guidelines. (Please use MLA style parenthetical references, a works cited page, no footnotes, and keep endnotes to a minimum. One space after periods.)
2) Articles must be analytical and focus on some element of American popular culture (1900-present).
3) Articles must be 3000-7000 words in length.
4) Because the Advisory Board of Americana practices double blind review, articles must not contain the name of the author or any reference to the author.
5) Authors are responsible for reprint permissions of any images. Please do not send accompanying images if you do not own the copyright or have reprint permission in hand.

The deadline for the Spring 2011 edition of the journal is 1 May 2011.


If you would like to submit to Review Americana: A Literary Journal, send an explanatory email that includes your name and contact information Attach your submission to that email.

Please conform to the following guidelines:

1) We consider poems, short stories, short screenplays, short plays, creative nonfiction, essays about creative writing, and essays about the teaching of creative writing.
2) We do not consider simultaneous submissions. If your work is under consideration elsewhere, please do not submit it to us.
3) We do not consider multiple submissions. Please wait until you have heard from us regarding your previous submission before you submit again. Poets may submit up to four poems. Other authors should submit only one work. (We will publish up to four works from a single author per edition.)
4 ) We only consider previously unpublished work
5) We do not publish profanity, gratuitously violent, or erotic work. We are looking for creative writing that could be considered an American classic.
6) All work submitted to any publication or contest at Americana is reviewed blindly. Please do not include your name on the submission. If you do, we will remove it before it is sent out for review.

The deadline for the Spring 2011 edition of the journal is 1 May 2011. Early submission is encouraged.

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