Spring 2011
Volume 10, Issue 1

"For Whom the BELL Tolls":
The Wire's Stringer Bell as Tragic Intellectual

Ernest L. Gibson III
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

My Real Imaginary Friends:
iCarly and the Power of Hyperreality

Jason Latouche
Tarleton State University

The Mechanics of the Tectonic Man:
Comedy and the "Ludic Function" of
A Serious Man and Punch-Drunk Love

Walter C. Metz
Southern Illinois University

"Put Your Hands Together":
The Theological Meaning of Percussion and
Percussiveness in Rap Music

Angela Nelson
Bowling Green State University

Claiming America by Claiming Others:
Asian-American Adoptive Parenthood in
A Gesture Life
and Digging to America

Jenny Heijun Wills
University of Winnipeg, Canada

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