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A hearty hello and welcome to Americana. We are a nonprofit, independent press dedicated to positive social change through the publication of exceptional American Studies scholarship, 1900 to present, and creative writing. We are especially interested in publishing material that examines such issues as social action, social justice, human rights, environmental awareness, the human condition, diversity, love, compassion, ethical and moral obligations. In other words, we are passionate about projects that empower and uplift humanity.

The study of American history is not only a worthy endeavor it is a critical one. Only after knowing and understanding our past can we ensure positive change for the future. We, at Americana, believe that there exists no better record of the history of America and Americans than in our culture. There we will find the hopes, needs, dreams, and desires of the people. Through the careful analysis of our twentieth and twenty-first century American culture, we can more clearly understand where we have been and who we have been and thus consciously consider where we want to go, who we want to be, how we want to live, and what public policies we want to endorse as twenty-first century Americans. This process will also help us formulate our identities and find our ideological and spiritual direction.

We also believe that creative writers contribute to cultural creation and the recording of crucial ideas. Thus we heartily support their work. Creative writers are as important as our historians in terms of understanding and recording important cultural moments. American citizenship is not a requirement for submitting to our journals, press, or contests; the only requirement is that the work hold some appeal for an American readership and bear some relationship with American culture. We extend a special invitartion to diverse, emerging, and over-fifty voices. We would love to hear from you.

To those ends, we publish three periodicals: Magazine Americana, Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to Present, and Review Americana: A Creative Writing Journal. All of the work submitted to these periodicals goes through the rigorous process of peer and editorial review. We are a green, eco-friendly organization and, as such, do not print hard copies of our periodicals. By nature, these publications are ephemeral, fleeting. We believe hard copies of periodicals waste precious world resources and, thus, prefer to keep our periodicals online. We save our publication for more permanent and lasting works like those published in our book division: we publish paperback creative writing and American Studies books through Press Americana and two imprints: The Poetry Press as well as Hollywood Bookd International. Many of these books are also available as Kindle editions and as eBooks as well.

We hope you'll visit Press Americana where we publish American Studies scholarship and creative writing. To learn how to submit to our press, click here.

Review Americana: A Creative Writing Journal features the best in creative writing. We are dedicated to supporting exceptional writers, those who will be creating our future American culture and recording our ideologies, dreams, and difficulties. In the review, we publish poetry, short fiction, short drama for stage and screen, creative nonfiction, essays about the art of creative writing, and essays about the teaching of creative writing. We invite you to submit for future issues. You can find the submission guidelines here. American citizenship is not a requirement for submitting to this journal; the only requirement is that the work hold some appeal for an American readership and bear some relationship with American culture. You might also consider submitting to Prize Americana. Winners are published by our imprints: The Poetry Press of Press Americana and Hollywood Books International.

Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to Present, features scholarly research papers in American Studies written for an academic audience - indexed through Ebsco and Gale. All submissions are peer reviewed, and we have earned a reputation as highly selective. We invite you to submit for future issues. You can find the submission guidelines here.

Magazine Americana features shorter blog or op-ed style articles as well as longer features written for a general audience. Our writers are not satisfied by observing a cultural phenomenon; rather, they seek to analyze that phenomenon, to answer the eternal question, "Why is it so?" Our hope is that answering this question will lead us to a better understanding of our culture and thus lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. This process is very important as we begin to formulate our political opinions, indeed our very identity, in the twenty-first century. We invite you to submit articles for MA. We publish on a revolving basis, so there is no deadline. Send your work whenever you're ready. All of the work published at Americana is subject to peer and editorial review.

We are heartened that you have decided to peruse our site, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to your contributions to this vital American Studies and creative writing community.

Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief

Leslie Kreiner Wilson, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Leslie Kreiner Wilson, Ph.D., Pepperdine University, Chairman
Alexandra Chusid, M.A., Private Sector Grant Specialist
Randy Fallows, Ph.D., UCLA
Laura Hapke, Ph.D., Independent Scholar
Marilyn Kallet, Ph.D., University of Tennessee
Paul Kareem Tayyar, Ph.D., Golden West Community College

Technical Director

Don Wilson

Editorial Board - Advisory Boards

Roger Aden
Jose Alamillo
Michelle Brattain
Kevin John Brophy
David Haynes
Kathleen Dixon
Erika Doss
Randy Fallows
Cynthia Franklin
Lisa Gabbert
Reebee Garofalo
Laura Hapke
Anita Helle
Marilyn Kallet
Dawn Keetley
Kit Kelen
Peter Kramer
John Lent

Chuck Maland
Wendy Martin
Ron McFarland
William Howard Moore
Adam Piette
Julian Pleasants
Richard Schur
David Simmons
David Stuart
Joseph Tate
Graham Thompson
Janet Walker
Amy Sage Webb
Alex Weinberg
Jeff Williams
Leslie Wilson



Joe Austin
Christopher Bigsby
Adam Braver
Joan Connor
Melissa Croteau
Tom De Haven
Francis Frascina
Philip Graham
David Haynes
Jeff Meikle
Julian Pleasants
T.V. Reed
Zoe Trodd
Richard Yarborough


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